Real Magick



As Above, So Below. From Moses to Crowley, Magick has been a most powerful force on Earth since time began. The ancient mystics intuitively knew what it would take scientists decades to rediscover, that we are more than matter, that we can change reality to our will and that all men, women and children are born with a powerful potential, one that the ruling elite have distracted and hidden from the masses for millennia.

“Unveils the myths and puts Magick into perspective for the modern age.” – Flatlands

“Enlightening and fascinating.” – United Media Network

“Excellent modern expose on the ancient arts and rituals known by Moses and the Gnostics.” – Best selling author, Philip Gardiner


RYE 1304
Running Time: 70 mins plus Special Features
Genre: Feature Documentary, Occult, Ancient Mysteries, Body, Mind Spirit
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UPC: 760137100492


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